We are dads who enjoy playing paintball


We are located in the Seattle, Washington area.  The team is currently made up of Cary Mitchell, Beni Mafi and Shawn Martin, we started playing in the woods behind the house of one of the players, and you were out when you finally submitted.  Needless to say we've grown a lot since then and play by the more traditional rules of paintball at local field KC Crusaders.  We do not profess to be professional players in anyway, we just believe in having fun and sharing what we have learnt along the way.


KC Crusaders Private Group 1/25/2014, we had another fun day at KC Crusaders with a private group of family and friends (See media for photos of the day).  Needless to say last game of the day was Submission.  It is rare to find someone that will really stay in the game to the bitter end, well today was different, and Conrad Ayoso showed that he truly has what it takes, once again see media secton

SuperGame 47 May 2-4, we attended this event last year, and will do so again, it was a lot of fun.  If you have not done something like this before we would highly recommended it, great fellow paintball players (over 1,500 of them last year), excellent ref's, and great prizes.  For more information go to http://www.supergame.tv.


Cary Mitchell

Submission Paintball

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